Ready to run

Ready to run

Searching for a stock photo for a client at work, I found this engaging photo of a rabbit being trained to jump obstacles. Amazement.

Today, on my way to work it was tens of degrees cooler than it has been for months.  The sun was just above the horizon and while driving in by Lake Jackson – it peeked behind the clouds that cast a spectral range of hues from purple to pink in front of its gleaming gold that begged to burst forth.  I thought to myself:  “self – it is time to start a blog.”

Later today, I went to Facebook – [FOR WORK] – and saw a post by a childhood friend turned author.  She had posted a beautiful story about volunteer work she felt compelled to do.  The chapters which evolved described her work with this lovely blind woman who needed someone to care.  Yes, sometimes we seem to find the path we should run if we keep our senses open.  And, sometimes, if we just use one sense at a time we get the message clearer that way.

The post by my friend Julie was on a wordpress site, and I had to establish a login…and while you are at it, want to blog?

Sure.  I have had to blog for work – I can do it just for me.  And for whoever may want to stop by.

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