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ImageMy Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth holding my Mom, Elizabeth.

What a day this is!  Today marks the start of a wonderful initiative started by Tara Mohr.  By inviting participants to blog about the power of grandmotherhood, bloggers worldwide can merge voices to witness, encourage and celebrate all that grandmothers mean – to be one, to love one, to remember one and to celebrate them all!

This fifth day of May, a Sunday, one week before Mothers’ Day marks two years since the memorial service honoring my Mother’s life after she passed away from ovarian cancer in  2011.  Mother’s Day four years ago also marks the weekend my older daughter Amy informed me she was pregnant with our first grandchild.  At that time, I was filled with anxiety for her, as she was not married yet to the father, and had only just begun her college work. She however reassured me that this was for the best, and she and the father were very committed to the responsibility involved with beginning a family.  Her announcement that day began a chapter of life which proved educational and emotionally galvanizing. It continues today.


Daughter Catie, grandson Evan and daughter Amy 

Living then—during the period between Amy’s announcement, my grandson’s birth and new life—was  was at once a witness to both the valiant fight of my Mother for her life, and the beginning of a new life within my daughter. Many times, I was not sure what it was supposed to mean for me, the spectator and actor, waiting for my cues.  I observed how we adapt and rise to challenges and are nurtured and strengthened by these bonds of motherhood and grandmotherhood. Light and shadow, exhilaration and profound sadness marked this time of learning about the depths and peaks of life’s road and what it means to be a grandmother.

In October 2009, my daughter and I drove the nine-plus hours to North Carolina. to visit with my parents.  My mother and Amy worked together on baby quilt and bumper sets, and Mom’s friends came by with presents for the new little one to come in January.  Amy and I both felt comforted and welcomed, as I am sure the small boy inside her felt.  One year later, all three generations met again back in Boone to celebrate what family really meant, and my Mom rallied from chemo to fully enjoy all the activities with her three grandkids and one great grandkid—including handprinting tee shirts, a fishing booth with trinkets, bingo games and blowing bubbles on the back deck.  Observing, witnessing and living first-hand the blessed thread of four generations—mixed with the truth of the circle of life and renewal—is a rich treasure beyond compare. I imagine Mom looking down from her sewing machine bench or counter making bread in heaven to hopefully smile on who we have all been growing into.  She has surely taught us about arming your children with a good sense of self, the importance of paying attention to your calling, and never doubting the fact that God will provide, if you will just pay attention.


Visiting my birthplace, holding a photo of Mom holding me in front of the same doorway.

So, I invite you who happen to come across this post – to join the Grandmother Power blog posting and add your stories and strength to the movement.  Go to

and find out how you can add to the Grandmother Power posts, worldwide.  We stand at a place where we could possibly mobilize 42 MILLION grandmothers who are younger, healthier, better educated and more professionally experienced than grandmothers have ever been.  This promises a bounty of hope to make this world a better place for children.  Add your voice today!


  1. What a beautiful post. And, I love the photo superimposed on that spot. I also found out I was pregnant, the day after my boyfriend found out he was drafted.We just celebrated 45 years, have two beautiful sons, 2 awesome daughters-in-law and two perfect grandchildren.

  2. Thank you for posting, Mary Liz. It is, as Carol wrote, a beautiful blog. I was especially moved by your words: “Observing, witnessing and living first-hand the blessed thread of four generations—mixed with the truth of the circle of life and renewal—is a rich treasure beyond compare.”

  3. Great post. Life is indeed a circle, and we cannot experience new beginnings without also experiencing loss.

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