Taking My Own Advice

My two adult daughters are alike in some ways and different in others.  Both love to create things, artistically written and rendered, and then release them into the world.  One goes out into the world and tries jobs, builds a family, changes course when things haven’t worked out.  The other is organized and analytical, sure to lay firm foundations, read between all lines, and plan for the future first.  Today, I encouraged her to begin a blog.  I “preached” about how it is a great way to share your outlook with others you would not otherwise reach, and sometimes you hear back from readers from across the globe. I have corresponded with several bloggers now for years, and it is very satisfying.  A bit like the storybook situation of having a pen pal. Blogging is great!

Then, I looked back at my own blog and realized it has been over four years since I had posted!  I have had plenty of reasons and opportunities to blog about things during these past four years.  Much has transpired in my life. I passed the sixth-decade milestone of life, and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  For whatever reason (call me unhinged) I would not go back to any point and live it over.  Yes, I have regrets about decisions along the way, but I most surely would instead look at the “now” than the “then.”

The full-time job I had for over three decades evaporated last year, and I have necessarily adapted to the freedom of securing my art and writing projects to make a living in this world. Fortunate to have caring friends, family and supportive clients and business partners, I continue to entertain new and different ways to nurture mutual benefit and maintain a steady—if frugal—existence. Guiding and teaching has become a favorite way, arriving there almost “by accident.”

MLTM_Drumroll_Please_©2016_XSJust recently in the late summer of last year, I was invited to guide adults in exploring storytelling through making art with water media.  It was a small class, and we met at a community center room in an outlying area of the neighboring county. I always found children very spontaneous and mostly fearless in their approach to making images.  Adults, sadly, seemed to bring a lifetime of feeling hesitant to express themselves in a class setting.  This guiding position gave me the thrill to be a cheerleader to these “grownups”!  We only had six sessions over seven weeks to try and move through the process, but I do feel that the participants walked away with a newfound feeling of success and a desire to continue on the path of creative expression and telling stories.


Soon, I will again be entrusted to guide some new grownups through “seeing like an artist.”  Some would call this a drawing class, and I plan to cover the basics of drawing for sure.  But, what I want to do is ignite the desire of each of these people to make marks; to capture what they see — whether in front of their eyes or inside their head (between their eyes).  I feel like I learn as much as they do, and isn’t that the way we should live our lives?  Oh, the things that life has to teach each of us!  So, I am taking my advice and pledging to try and post about what happens.  May 2018 hold many revelations and adventures for you, too.  Cheers!

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  1. terriecorbett · · Reply

    Loved reading this, Mary Liz!
    Your students are lucky!

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